Thursday, June 27, 2013

Medications and Surgeries Done in Preventing Heart Failures

Having a healthy lifestyle contributes to richer and longer life. Since the heart plays a big role in our system, it is important to take care of it. In having a healthy lifestyle, there will be lesser chance of having serious illnesses.

Heart problems are the common cause of serious illnesses and death of many people throughout the world. There are many factors that could increase the risk of developing heart failure. However, they can be managed by having a healthy lifestyle by making better changes.

Here are some simple lifestyle choices you can make to lower your risk of developing heart disease.

1.      Having regular exercise will help in maintaining weight at healthy level. This activity will reduce your risk of developing conditions that can lead to poor heart health such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It will also help you relax and unwind which can definitely decrease stress levels.

2.      Decreased fats and cholesterol by eating healthy foods. Instead of eating foods that contains fats such as full-fat dairy products, palm oils, fried foods, margarine and packaged foods, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that you consume each day. One factor in improving overall heart health also knows the volume of the food intake. Overeating must also be avoided to have less fat, cholesterol and calorie intake.

3.      Another way to prevent heart failure is to refrain from smoking or use of tobacco. Chemicals in tobacco, like nicotine and ammonia, make your heart work harder by narrowing blood vessels and increasing heart rate and blood pressure. If you smoke and find it hard to refrain from it, it is better to consult a doctor about medications and other smoking aids that he can prescribe to help you break your smoking habits.

4.      It is a part of having a healthy lifestyle if you have regular checkups. More frequent screenings may be necessary if screenings detect that blood pressure number and cholesterol level are not in normal ranges. It is also important to consult a cardiologist from Miami shores if you have been diagnosed with any heart complications.

5.      It is also a consideration to learn how to manage stress. Identify situations that happened in your past that caused you stress and try to eliminate them.  Stress in the workplace is one sources of stress and can be lessen by learning coping mechanism. Engaging to yoga, meditation, visualization, aromatherapy, deep breathing techniques and other treatments like alternative treatment in Orlando could also be done to help reduce stress.

6.      Getting enough sleep will also help in deceasing the risk of heart problems. Better improve your sleep quality and make sure to have seven to eight hours of sleep. It is better to go to sleep at the same time every night to regulate sleep-wake cycle.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Comprises Total Wellness

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The Principles of Miami Integrative Medicine

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting the Right Amount of Wellness: Emotional Aspect

Emotions are said to be the most powerful aspect of our personality. Do you remember a point in which you went mad? I mean really mad. I believe you have lost control of yourself and did something you never expected you can do. Being unable to handle your emotions can be dangerous sometimes.

Our emotion or in some terms affective aspect is a result of our experience in each day we live. Happiness is an emotion and we feel it whenever something happened in our favor.  Love is also an emotion and it is one of the most common, most enjoyed feeling of all. It is commonly associated with the heart but there are no sufficient scientific explanations that prove our heart to be the center of emotion (which is actually the brain). Even cardiologist in Miami, would say that all our emotions are handled by the brain.

Miami Integrative Medicine pushes wellness in Miami, Florida through these ideas that help in keeping ourselves aware of the effects of emotions in our body. We should recognize when emotions are already affecting our body. An instance is too much loneliness. There were cases of suicide due to extreme sadness brought about by being alone and hopelessness. When our body is expose to a situation that we cannot endure and if our brain lacks enough information and motivation to keep our systems up, it has the tendency to find a mechanism in order to escape the current situation. For some, taking away their own life is a form of escape. This is why we all have to express our needs and feelings appropriately so that we will receive help from others. You can talk to a trusted friend or a family member and vent out. Use humor to defuse negative thoughts or situations. It is said that laughter is the best medicine and it is true. It sounds ridiculous to laugh out your problems but doing so would at least make you feel better and would loosen you up. Remember that happiness is a choice.

There are times that you are mad and just can’t say what is on your mind. This may be because you don’t want anyone to get hurt while you express your feelings. The best thing you can do is to write a journal and put all your emotions in words. With this you are able to set yourself free from being loaded with negative thoughts.

Our life is never an easy thing but who said that we cannot be happy about it? It is not a matter of what you experience each day but what you do with these experiences. Being optimistic will provide you a thousand ways to solve all your problems.

Botanical Garden for Personal and Social Wellness

It is from our mother nature where medicines that are used to treat even fatal diseases come from. Extraction and further exquisite processing lead to the formulation of chemicals that are used in making herbal products, commercial medicines, and even cosmetic care products. We all have been very dependent to our natural resources since the beginning of time. Not only medicines but almost everything that we need to sustain life is provided by the nature.

In the issue of wellness particularly in Miami, where the use of alternative medicines and treatment seem to have offered relief among those who are sick, botanicals is a very important idea that we should look into. The use of botanicals as additives to medical products and cosmetics has played a significant part for Miami Integrative Medicine.

I have thought of having a botanical garden at home as a great help in maintaining wellness at home. Planting medicinal plants in a way that they will be aesthetically appreciated serves a number of purposes. In its economical aspect, once someone has gotten sick, you can rely to medicinal plants to undergo herbal treatment. Since the resources are just around your house, then there will be less expense unless the health condition is just too sensitive that the person needs to be brought to the hospital. Another advantage of having a botanical garden at home comes from the fact that it can serve as a first aid since it is not always that we have an access to the hospital. This happens when the there is a great distance in between home and medical center.

 Wellness, for Miami, is an integral part of our personality and that is the main reason that our life is sustained. Imagine waking up on a great day and walking directly through your botanical garden. It gives you the feeling of relaxation just by looking at the beauty of its landscape.

There are a lot of great but simple ways to keep that wellness close into your home. The ultimate significance of plants is implied by the term used by scientist to describe them, producers. They produce food, oxygen, beautiful view, and often, even home not only for humans but as well as for animals. The very fact that they came first before mankind proves that we are meant to be dependents of plants. Make a colony of these wondrous creatures just right within your fences and enjoy wellness. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wellness for World Progress

A healthy living is one thing that every family wants to achieve. Its concept is not just confined within our homes. Clean rooms, nutritious foods, and clean teeth are not the sole measure wellness. Good health condition is one of the most important factors that affect the economy. If all the individuals that compose our workforce are healthy, then surely, we will have a great production rate. 

Individual wellness constitute to every success that a company may achieve. If one or more of the employees of a certain business would get sick and leave work, the burden will be divided among those that were left. Consequently, not only the number of production will be affect but the quality as well. This is one good reason as to why healthcare programs should also focus on workplaces. We have everything at home, starting from medicines, supplements, food, and the like. Home is our comfort zone and workplace is another story. To keep the health of employees closely monitored, attendance is maintained regardless of any other personal reasons that a worker may have as a reason for absence. 

Businesses out in Miami treat wellness as themselves. This means that good health is everything for them. From the goods they sell, mind and body of the employees, up to their environment, all serve as a part of the total wellness and this keeps their businesses on growing. 

Wellness in workplace is also an indication that the company you are working for is not all after the profit alone but human welfare. A company that knows how to treat its workers as a vital part of the business fully understands what "doing business to uplift economy" means. Good health is followed by good job and leads to a better living. 

Some companies in Miami improve wellness by maximizing the involvement of their employees on healthcare programs. These include exercises, fun run, and other related activities. The simple steps that each of these people takes for its respective purpose leave a great positive impact on the company’s operation. Also, such activities would establish harmonious relationship and would bring teamwork to a higher level. 

Health is wealth as they say it and it is true in all aspects especially with our economy. If all live healthy, tasks will be done and the same way opposite, a job well done boosts up the economy providing better opportunities for the people.