Monday, June 17, 2013

Botanical Garden for Personal and Social Wellness

It is from our mother nature where medicines that are used to treat even fatal diseases come from. Extraction and further exquisite processing lead to the formulation of chemicals that are used in making herbal products, commercial medicines, and even cosmetic care products. We all have been very dependent to our natural resources since the beginning of time. Not only medicines but almost everything that we need to sustain life is provided by the nature.

In the issue of wellness particularly in Miami, where the use of alternative medicines and treatment seem to have offered relief among those who are sick, botanicals is a very important idea that we should look into. The use of botanicals as additives to medical products and cosmetics has played a significant part for Miami Integrative Medicine.

I have thought of having a botanical garden at home as a great help in maintaining wellness at home. Planting medicinal plants in a way that they will be aesthetically appreciated serves a number of purposes. In its economical aspect, once someone has gotten sick, you can rely to medicinal plants to undergo herbal treatment. Since the resources are just around your house, then there will be less expense unless the health condition is just too sensitive that the person needs to be brought to the hospital. Another advantage of having a botanical garden at home comes from the fact that it can serve as a first aid since it is not always that we have an access to the hospital. This happens when the there is a great distance in between home and medical center.

 Wellness, for Miami, is an integral part of our personality and that is the main reason that our life is sustained. Imagine waking up on a great day and walking directly through your botanical garden. It gives you the feeling of relaxation just by looking at the beauty of its landscape.

There are a lot of great but simple ways to keep that wellness close into your home. The ultimate significance of plants is implied by the term used by scientist to describe them, producers. They produce food, oxygen, beautiful view, and often, even home not only for humans but as well as for animals. The very fact that they came first before mankind proves that we are meant to be dependents of plants. Make a colony of these wondrous creatures just right within your fences and enjoy wellness. 

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