Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Acupuncture Technique as an Adjunct to Medical Treatments

The acupuncture treatment has been an important part of medicine for many years now. This ancient technique has been very popular in the East and is now making its way to the Western parts of the world. It is a family of procedures that involves stimulation of anatomical locations in the skin through the use of a variety of techniques. Countries like China, Japan, Korea and other countries have rich medical traditions that are incorporated in the acupuncture treatment. The most practically studied mechanisms of stimulation of the traditional acupuncture include penetration of the skin by thin, solid and metallic needles that can be manipulated manually or through the use of electrical stimulation. 


Studies in animals and human have come out to demonstrate that the treatment can result to different biological responses. These responses may happen locally which means it will occur at the site of application and is mainly mediated by the sensory neurons to structures within the central nervous system. This is going to affect the physiological system of the brain. Stimulation by the acupuncture treatment may also affect the pituitary gland which will then result to a comprehensive spectrum of systematic effects. Alterations in the function of the immune system may be produced by the acupuncture treatment. Because of these, this ancient technique must never be neglected despite the several wellness medicines that we have available today. 

People who experience the treatment react differently but most of them say that the procedure is not painful. So if you think that it is because of the presence of needles, fear not. Unlike the needles that are used for injections, the tip of the needle that is used for acupuncture has a smooth point. Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, solid and do not remove tissues as would occur with the use of the hypodermic needles. That means that the needles are painless and safe. Acupuncture also has a cupping component whereby cups are heated and are applied to the skin to generate suction and bring blood close to the surface.

Your health and wellness have to be part of your most important priorities in life. In relation to this, you may consider the acupuncture technique. It is considered as a harmless medical treatment. For this reason, many physicians and practitioners say that acupuncture is a valuable treatment and can be an adjunct to other medical treatments. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Herbal Medicines Versus Health Complications

Health complications have found great enemies with herbal medicines. With herbal medicines, a person is able to get good health without spending too much. Visit Miami Integrative Medicine for more related details.