Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 Alternative Treatments for Arrhythmia You Can Use

Arrhythmia is a disease of the heart characterized by too fast, too slow, or irregular beating of the heart. Sometimes, this condition might not be serious but in some instances, it could be deadly. Treating the disease could be difficult and conventional remedies could be expensive.  If you have not felt any symptoms of this disease, the best thing that you could do is to prevent it using alternative treatments.

Here are three natural remedies for this disease:

1. Acupuncture. While there are many conventional drugs that are prescribed for people with the condition, combining it with alternative therapy could give better results. The irregular beating of the heart is caused by the improper coordination of the electrical impulses that make the heart beat. Once these impulses are not coordinated well, the heart may beat too fast, too slow, or irregularly. Acupuncture is known to penetrate some pressure points in the body.   For acupuncturists, arrhythmia results from either too high or too low levels of energy in the heart. An irregular heartbeat would mean unstable supply of energy to the heart. By inserting needles into some pressure points, blockages are removed, ensuring the regular supply of energy into the cardiovascular system. This will lead to the heart beating properly.

2. Herbs and Supplements
There are various herbs that could be used to help promote regular beating of the heart and get rid of arrhythmia.  Although many of these are not yet scientifically proven, users attested to their effectiveness.  Hawthorn is known to calm the heart and stop palpitations or fast heartbeat.  Be sure that the leaves and flowers are included in what you take, not the berries. Tincture of passionflower is also effective in keeping under control the fast beating of the heart. Kava kava, another herb, also has the same effect. Magnesium is also known to help remedy arrhythmia.  Lack of magnesium could result to a fluttery heart. Taking the right dosage of this element as advised by your doctor will be of help.

3. Leading healthy lifestyle
Exercise and eating nutritious foods assure you of total wellness. Total well-being means that you are also free from diseases like arrhythmia. Exercise is known to strengthen the body. When you exercise, excess fats in the body are burns and thickening of arterial walls could be prevented. Also, inclusion of fruits and vegetables in your diet would help keep your heart healthy. Foods rich in potassium like bananas are recommended. Potassium is known to strengthen your heart and remedy its slow beating. People who have shortage of potassium could feel weak and might collapse. By eating the right kinds of food, you could easily save yourself from the effects of arrhythmia.

5 Advantages of Using Alternative Medicine

People are now aware that natural remedies could do wonders in preventing and treating many diseases. As a result, they turn to alternative medicine when they are ill. There are five advantages in using alternative ways of treating diseases.

First, you can have alternative treatment along with conventional treatment. This means that you can use natural remedies even if you are undergoing conventional treatment or taking prescribed drugs. This is because the procedures and medication used in alternative medicine does not produce any adverse reaction when mixed with other procedures or drugs. Actually, a lot of people with cancer all over the world utilize alternative therapy while undergoing chemotherapy without suffering any serious reaction from the two medications.

Second, alternative medicine is cheaper than conventional medicine but could be just as effective. Most alternative treatments are readily available and may not have high production costs. Herbal medicines are made using simple procedures such as boiling, steaming, drying and pulverizing, and extracting the juices. These are simple procedures that do not need lot of manpower, modern equipment, and other costly ingredients. These medications can be home made, which means there is no additional cost for ventilation and facilities. With very low overhead expense, people engaging in making natural home remedies can sell their products at a cheaper price.

Third, alternative medicine brings forth overall wellness of mind and body. For example, aromatherapy is known to help a person relax his body and mind. The scents used are known to give a person a feeling of well being. The same effects come with acupuncture and massage. They do not only cure one disease but these procedures are known to have excellent effects on the body.

Fourth, alternative medicine is known to have no side effects. Most people who have serious illnesses experience more discomfort and pain from the medicines that they are taking and from the procedures that they must undergo. For instance, most people cannot be operated on because they have diseases that might be aggravated by the procedure. It is also known that some drugs could trigger other diseases and could result to several complications. People who cannot have surgery for some reasons prefer it safe to turn to alternative medicine.

Fifth, holistic medicine includes conventional and alternative cures. Practitioners of alternative medicine are now recognized and they are accepted by health authorities and professionals. Alternative cures are fast becoming popular. In the United States of America, the recent health bill recognizes alternative medicine as part of providing health services to its constituents. In fact, some insurance companies now include in their coverage expenses for alternative treatments and medications that their members incur. Hence, people with health insurance can now include alternative medicines or a visit to an alternative medicine practitioner in their health insurance claim.