Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting the Right Amount of Wellness: Emotional Aspect

Emotions are said to be the most powerful aspect of our personality. Do you remember a point in which you went mad? I mean really mad. I believe you have lost control of yourself and did something you never expected you can do. Being unable to handle your emotions can be dangerous sometimes.

Our emotion or in some terms affective aspect is a result of our experience in each day we live. Happiness is an emotion and we feel it whenever something happened in our favor.  Love is also an emotion and it is one of the most common, most enjoyed feeling of all. It is commonly associated with the heart but there are no sufficient scientific explanations that prove our heart to be the center of emotion (which is actually the brain). Even cardiologist in Miami, would say that all our emotions are handled by the brain.

Miami Integrative Medicine pushes wellness in Miami, Florida through these ideas that help in keeping ourselves aware of the effects of emotions in our body. We should recognize when emotions are already affecting our body. An instance is too much loneliness. There were cases of suicide due to extreme sadness brought about by being alone and hopelessness. When our body is expose to a situation that we cannot endure and if our brain lacks enough information and motivation to keep our systems up, it has the tendency to find a mechanism in order to escape the current situation. For some, taking away their own life is a form of escape. This is why we all have to express our needs and feelings appropriately so that we will receive help from others. You can talk to a trusted friend or a family member and vent out. Use humor to defuse negative thoughts or situations. It is said that laughter is the best medicine and it is true. It sounds ridiculous to laugh out your problems but doing so would at least make you feel better and would loosen you up. Remember that happiness is a choice.

There are times that you are mad and just can’t say what is on your mind. This may be because you don’t want anyone to get hurt while you express your feelings. The best thing you can do is to write a journal and put all your emotions in words. With this you are able to set yourself free from being loaded with negative thoughts.

Our life is never an easy thing but who said that we cannot be happy about it? It is not a matter of what you experience each day but what you do with these experiences. Being optimistic will provide you a thousand ways to solve all your problems.

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