Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Making of a Wellness Worksite Leader

It all started eight years past, year 2005 to be exact, when the Florida Heart Research Institute crafted and completed an intensely tactical resolution uplifting Miami wellness. It was said that the beginning is always the hardest wherein people behind this idea never thought that the simple brainstorming on putting up a wellness worksite will catch a very interesting trek in Florida businesses. The aforementioned wellness worksite fosters facilities and platforms supporting Miami wellness center and other Florida-based wellness centers to open and run wellness worksite programs completely designed for their employees. At first, literature explorations about wellness and interrelated analyses were brought up sequentially to convince clients but the result was not that good enough. These studies, in particular, present stockpile of testimonies backing up positive results about the target subject.

For years, their screening clients were then tried to be exposed once again to series of wellness services and extra programs. Based on the conclusions, it was then highlighted that 70 percent of the so-called chronic diseases can be avoided if one takes into consideration the risk-reducing dynamics like obesity, deficient diet, chain smoking or inactivity. The brains behind this wellness program painstakingly present more evidences on the target clients so as to lower healthcare arguments and after which equal to rise of expenditure.

The conception of recognition program back in 2009 has seemed to become an effective vehicle to catch up the interest of the target clients. Four years forward  in 2013, this recognition program turns out to be distinguished statewide and it is presently known as the Florida Worksite Wellness Forum and Awards. The program carries two of their prime purposes. First is to urge and support more businesses to embrace or implement wellness worksite platforms by means of offering educational meetings where they can discover and absorb methods on growing their own programs through the subject-matter specialists. And second is to acknowledge all employers and owners of medical wellness center in Miami with functioning wellness worksite programs having recorded or verified results and to give awards to those with remarkable outcomes. The recently concluded 2013 Florida Worksite Wellness Forum and Awards were done last April 12 at the Miami Beach resort and Spa.

In its five years of existence, the simple brainstorm and curvy journey has then urbane and bagged the interest of carriers, brokers, wellness service providers and even hospitals. It has never been thought to go this far and yet they are still counting for more years. 

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